Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finished Flinging!

Wow, I had an amazing time at Spring Fling last weekend. Yes I know, it was last weekend and I haven't posted in a week - sorry!  I had a great trip there and back with my upline, Wendy, and another friend Colleen. I prepared 56 card fronts for swapping...odd number I know but hey. I had traded about 50 of them when the root beer I bought decided to explode when I opened it. So much for the other 6! :-) I also made 16 3-D mini photo albums. They took a long time but I love how they turned out.  Here's some pics

And here's a close-up of one of them:

These are the cards I took to swap. 

If they look familiar that's because they are.  I made a whack of these for another swap I was in, and just made extra for this swap. Less work is a good thing. The most popular one was the one with Gable Green background. So many people said they hadn't seen that colour combo before.  But I love it.

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